5 O'clock Farm Team

Arceneaux Girls

Janell also assists the 5 O'clock Farm 

  • Groceries
  • Mail
  • Laundry
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Janell plays a Huge part at the 5 O'clock Farm 

Janell assists with
  • Ordering supplies
  • Social media sites
  • Website
  • Event Planning
  • Entertainment  
Fred treadway cheering and toasting (1)

Fred Treadway

Words will not do any justice, I'm sure there are not enough words to describe Fred Treadway.  You will just have to meet him, or if you have add your description to the this post on the 5 O'clock Farm about Fred Treadway.  Incredible visionary person.  Fred Treadway is person who is ahead of his time and who has a powerful plan for change in the future is an example of a visionary.  The 5 O'clock farm was just a tree farm.  Fred has now made it into a spectacular beautiful home for the amazing animals on the 5 O'clock Farm.  The animals and people who visit have the best happy times at the 5 O'clock farm, thanks to Mr Fred Treadway, the mastermind who created the 5 O'clock farm. 
Stuart waite awesome father baseball

Stuart Waite 

Stuart Waite is just a total all around incredibly talented of taking care of cattle, to the maintenance of the 5 O'clock Farm equipment, to the toys, and even making the 5 O'clock Farm look like Disney World.  Stuart keeps and runs the 5 O'clock farm looking so beautiful.   https://www.facebook.com/stuart.waite.73

Dog's, and all Animals Love the 5 O'clock farm

Lollipop Treadway showing her love for the 5 O'clock Farm
The Cow's, Donkeys, Dogs, Sheep etc get spoiled by Fred, Stuart, Ron, Janell, Harry and the rest of the 5 O'clock crew that helps make the former tree farm such a beautiful and fun place to be. 

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